Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Adelaide

Be informed about the condition of your property.

A pre-purchase building inspection Adelaide is a review performed by a qualified building inspector on behalf of the purchaser, prior to purchasing or bidding for a house at auction.  The Inspection Report is a detailed written document of the condition of the property specifying in detail any significant building defects or problems such as cracking, rising damp, safety issues, other major defects and minor defects.

Assured Building Inspection Adelaide SA can arrange with the agent or vendor a time to carry out the building inspection.  It’s not required for the purchaser to attend the inspection, but if you wish, you are welcome.  Once the

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Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection

Do you know what you are purchasing along with your new home?

Pest Inspections before investing in your new home are an extremely important step forgotten by many of us. The inspection gives us a good insight on the condition of the interior & exterior walls, floor boards, door & window frames and roof spaces.

At Assured Building Inspections SA, our qualified inspectors carry out these inspections and provide you with a detailed report on the condition of your new

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New Construction Staged Inspection

Building a new home can be a challenging process, but an inspection at regular intervals can assist and be very insightful.

We conduct ‘Staged Inspections’ at the below stages of construction –

  • Site Prep, Footings and Slab
  • Roof and Wall Frames
  • Roof Covers and External Cladding
  • Internal Wall Linings
  • Wet Area Waterproofing & Carpentry Fix
  • Completion and

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Structural Inspection

Structural inspection provides a potential purchaser or interested party advice on the condition and inspection of the structure building. It provides peace of mind while investing in a property or renovating an existing property.

Assured Building Inspections SA provides you with a complete structural inspection or inspection of the structure building in Adelaide, roof cavities, and

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Swimming Pool Fence Compliance SA

Swimming Pool Fence Compliance SA: While buying homes with pools or before constructing a pool in your home compliance is a top priority. It is very important to ensure that fencing has been installed correctly and safety complied with.

At Assured Building Inspections SA, we provide inspections for pool fencing and ensure they are compliant with AS 1926.1-2012. If or when the fence complies the inspector can issue a compliance certificate that is required for the sale of a property with a pool.

Our inspectors are trained and accredited by SPASA.

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Asbestos Registers/Management Plans

Are you a home buyer or renovator, buying/ renovating a home built before 1990?
Before starting any renovation or maintenance work on your property get an asbestos inspection test. We inspect potential areas where asbestos may be found and send a sample to the lab for analysis. On confirmation, you will receive a report outlining the locations of asbestos, the type of asbestos and methods to manage it 

In a commercial environment, an asbestos register listing all identified and/or assumed asbestos is prepared and kept at the workplace. An asbestos management plan is outlined and recorded. The register and management plan needs to be reviewed every 5 years or when an asbestos incident occurs.

Our qualified inspectors can inspect workplaces, prepare required

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